wtorek, 29 kwietnia 2014

Pułtusk supports Earth Day!

22nd of April was the Earth Day. I think most of you heard about this worldwide annual event that aims to raise awareness about environmental protection. Anyway, small historical note will not be out of place. So, according to web-site of Earth Day Network, this action has started in 1970 with a grassroots demonstration and today it’s a huge network that unite 22 000 of participants in 192 countries of the World. The most common practice of celebration is to plant new trees and wildflowers for Earth Day. But of course there are plenty of other ways to mark this event, for example educational and handicraft workshops or even garage fairs.
We left the right of tree-planting for a local Forest Service and decided to run an eco-workshop in Liceum. By general consent we agreed that our topic is recycling and reusing. The main reason is that some time ago we discovered that our houses are full of plastic bottles and newspapers and it was great to know that Internet is full of great recycling ideas as well! Inspired by really talented masters of creative recycling  we started working on our own. 

When we met our students I think they were a bit confuse because most of them were boys (and as well-known many boys are not eager to do handicrafts), but later they found it funny and easily dropped into work. As a planned result we should get a coaster, but of course it takes more time then we had. But anyway I think all of students can be proud of themselves!  

Links of works that for sure inspire you to start recycling of bottles and newspapers that you meet on your way (at least I liked them so much that I had this feeling ;-):
Beauty Harmony Life
Best out of waste.

Have a nice day and take care of our planet,

P.S. by the way, number of places in workcamps are reducing with every each day! Hurry up or you will waste your chance to spend unforgettable holidays! Go to our web-site to choose a workcamp of your dream!


środa, 2 kwietnia 2014


Hey everyone!

My today’s post is about QUIZ CLUB that we start last Thursday, 27th of March.  First of all a couple of words about a conception of the game: it is an intellectual team game where participants can compete in smartness and ability to work in team. The game consists of 4 rounds such as picture-guessing round, music round and 2 rounds with questions. Questions touch different spheres of knowledge – geography, history, music, cinema and ect. The minimum of participants in each team starts from 2 but of course if more than better!
These kinds of games are very popular in my city Irkutsk and we even different types – for example, for literature and music fans. There is also closed club only for VIP (yes, yes - our businessmen compete not only in market (smile))! Moreover we found out that in many towns of Poland exists a PubQuiz game.
We played QUIZ in an office of our organization in Pultusk. Participants spontaneously divided into 2 team with surprising names – “boys” and “girls”. In first round boys and girls were asked to guess the country by an image of national holiday. Our participants were very prepared, so this task wasn’t that difficult! Questions were more difficult because they had to recall knowledge from different spheres and demonstrate witness. They easily guess the name of “the most patriotic” pizza Margarita that has 3 national colors of Italy but it was challenging to guess why Japanese government called on all employees to go to work in the summer without ties and jackets. But anyway after some discussions and deliberations guys found out that thrifty Japanese just saved electricity, they wanted to cut off expenses for air conditioner! In my opinion the most interesting round was musical one. The task is to guess film by soundtrack. And this round was crucial one! In 3 round number of points were more or less the same, but it appeared that girls know more soundtracks and it led them to victory!

It was a testing of new kind of activity and I think it’s a viable idea! I hope all the participants enjoy it and have ambitious to play and win. And of course everyone is welcome to join us next time. Follow our Facebook page and web-site to keep up with our events.