poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016

Colombian Morning in Senior Wigor


Today morning some of us visited Senior Wigor, a local activity center for seniors. I prepared a presentation about Colombia, mostly in English, but I also added some words in Polish, and of course I had Polish friends to help me communicate and talk about my country. I talked about some typical food, drinks, flora, fauna and the differences between the regions of Colombia.

It was great to have their attention and be able to answer some questions about the fascinating Colombian food, flora and fauna. There are  many differences between Poland and Colombia, but besides differences, we also talked about some Polish and Colombian dished that are really similar, such as Polish pierogi and Colombian empanadas. Meeting finished with some Cumbia, the national dance of my country.

The funniest moment was went they asked me about how many meters of fabric was used to make my cumbia skirt! We had a good time with the seniors and maybe we will meet them again in order to prepare some typical Colombian dishes.



piątek, 22 lipca 2016

Sunny Summer Picnics in Pułtusk

Dear people,

This summer, we're organizing weekly open picnic events with various program. Last week our picnic was inside due to relatively bad weather, but this week we finally could kick the thing off properly as the sun was shining and people smiling!

We started at noon by chattering and enjoying the food and drinks. Soon the children of the adjacent day-care center joined us for some time. We played a Spanish game called Pañuelo with them, after which the kids split in smaller groups. Some of them sang with me and Emil as we played some Polish songs with the guitar. It was a bit difficult to find songs that we all knew, because I mostly sing old Polish songs with the seniors of Senior Wigor. After singing with the kids we kept rocking with Emil and Iga for another half an hour.

Hey Sokoły!

Rock-Iga and Rock-Emil

Our Polish volunteer Kuba invented lots of activities for the kids (or maybe kids invented activities for themselves), such as jumping through hula hoops like dophings! Futhermore, we had padminton, our already classic can knockdown and many more things to do.

Child or dophin?
Concentration is fundamental

After the kids left, some of us tried to continue to build a palm tree, but we realized that for glueing and cutting it'd be better to be inside. However, our artists Sylwia and Edyta painted the trunk while the others were playing board games.

The meeting was wonderful and I'm really looking forward to next week! Next week we will have music-themed picnic with another guest star from Finland



Artists at work